About Park Golf

When a ball goes into the deep rough,
Penalty is added if stepping on and plucking up greens.
When a ball goes into the deep rough,
A ball went into the rough. "Rough" means that the state (length) of the lawn is long.

There is not much problem if the grass height is low or grows sparsely. However, it seems quite difficult to hit the ball well with the head, when the ball is half hidden with a very deep rough.

Even in such a case, if plucking up greens, the player incurs a penalty.

Do not plucking up and stepping on the green to make it easy to use the club. It is because it violates "to play as it is,” penalty is added.

Trust your own skill and hit the ball as it is, or give it up and declare unplayable. There is no guarantee the ball will get on fairway or green, even if you pluck up or step on greens. Slow and sure wins the race.