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Upward slope
Addressing the Ball
A player has "addressed the ball" when they have grounded or hovered their club immediately behind the ball after taking their stance.
Finishing with a score of 3 under par.
It is a declaration of an unplayable ball when it is impossible to hit it.
Finishing with a score of 2 under par.
OB (Out of Bounds)
OB stands for "out of bounds" and is the area outside the boundaries of the course where play is prohibited.
The player within a group who has the privilege of playing first from the teeing ground is said to have the "honor".
Casual Water
Casual water is any temporary accumulation of water on the course that entitles the player to relief. Water inside a water hazard or any area in which play is prohibited is not casual water.
The hole, also known as the cup, is a cylindrical container dug into the ground into which the ball is to be played. The cup should be made of metal with a sounding plate attached to the base.
Ball Holed
A ball is "holed" when it is at rest inside the cup and all of it is below the level of the lip of the hole.
Audience, Spectators
An equipment for hitting a ball. For the park golf, only the products certified by the association can be used.
The green is the area surrounding the hole where the grass is cut especially short. If there is no distinct zone surrounding the hole, it is referred to as the "cup area".
The course is the whole area comprised of sections of 9 holes. An 18-hole course is divided into two sections of 9 holes each, e.g. "A-course Hole 1 to 9" and "B-course Hole 1 to 9".
Wrong Ball
A wrong ball occurs when a player hits any ball other than their ball in play.
An obstruction is any natural or man-made object that may interfere with play on the course.
Movable Obstructions
Movable obstructions are loose natural objects such as stones, leaves, twigs, animal droppings, insects, grass cuttings, etc., as well as man-made objects that are not fixed to the ground, including bunker rakes, unused stakes, umbrellas, cans, rope, etc.
Immovable Obstructions
Immovable obstructions are objects on the course that cannot be readily moved or should not be moved, including plants, trees, tree supports, bunker rake stands, drain covers, OB stakes, nets, fences, etc.
Ground Under Repair
Ground under repair is any designated area of the course where play is temporarily prohibited (e.g. areas where grass is being replanted, plantations with young trees, etc.).
Taking the stance consists in a player placing his feet in position for and preparatory to making a stroke.
When a swing causes the ball the move, it is considered a stroke. If a swing misses and the ball does not move, it is not considered a stroke.
Downward slope.
Double Bogey
Finishing with a score of 2 over par
It is a tool that puts the ball in and it is used only for the first striking of each hole.
Tee Up
The state of putting the ball on the tee is called Tee Up.
Tee Shot
The opening shot is called the tee shot.
teeing ground
It is each teeing ground hole's starting point. The range where the first ball can be placed is specified. The first shot must be on tee up.
Triple Bogey
Finishing with a score of 3 over par.
Finishing with the standard number of strokes.
Finishing with a score of 1 under par.
A bunker is a hazard consisting of a depression in the ground usually filled with sand, designed to increase the difficulty of the course.
Pin (Flagstick)
The pin or flagstick is an immovable indicator placed in the center of the hole to show its position.
It means "a ball may be flying on your way, please be careful" in English.
Lost Ball
A ball is deemed lost if it is not found or identified by the player as theirs.
A penalty is a number of strokes added to the score of a player who commits an infraction of the rules. Any penalty in park golf results in the addition of two strokes.
Finishing with a score of 1 over par.
Ball Marker
A ball marker is an object used to mark the position of the ball prior to lifting it.
A marker is a person appointed by the course or Committee to check and record a player's score.