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Privacy Policy
Guidelines on Handling of Personal Information
Nippon Park Golf Association (hereinafter referred to as "NPGA") shall comply with the laws regarding protection of personal information and announce the following policy about what NPGA must do as a company dealing with personal information.
Definition of Personal Information
NPGA defines personal information as follows. Personal information shall mean any information that can be used to identify or locate an individual directly and indirectly, including, without limitation, name, address, age, date of birth, email address. Personal information such as names and address are mainly collected by filling the registration form.
Purpose of Using Personal Information
The user's personal information is used as a criterion for providing the service of this website in accordance with the user's request or for improving the service of this website. Also, it may be used as a means of contacting NPGA users. The personal information provided by users is not used for purposes other than those mentioned above.
Management of Personal Information
NPGA strictly manages personal information provided by users in using this website so that it is not lost or damaged. In addition, NPGA keep personal information in an environment where access by non-administrator of this website is impossible, implement strict security measures so that it is not leaked to third parties or altered from the outside.
Sharing of Personal Information
NPGA does not disclose, sell, rent, or lease the personal information of the user you provided to a third party, unless in the event that cooperation is requested by a public agencies such as the judicial branch or police based on relevant laws or ordinances.
Revision of Privacy Policy
As to the handling of uses' the personal information, NPGA continues to make improvements on an ongoing basis. Accordingly, changes may be made to this Privacy Policy without notice, in whole or in part. In addition, NPGA is not responsible for any damage caused by the change. In case of revision, information will be informed on this page.